Alternadudes: Black Label

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Studio : Alternadudes.
Actors : Alexi Valdof,Lorne Rox,Envy (Male),Quinn Valentine,Angyl Prince,Penny Arcade,Jett,J.J.,Kamrun,Zack.
Beasticles. Ronald is a 23yo hustler who likes to fuck younger guys and talks about his first gay sexual experience. It might be perverse. What is it, my man? Cum join these hot bods as their tail pipes take a pounding! They’re always ready for intensive care! Porsche Lynn, in her most sexually-wild role to date plays the part of Utopia, a young girl who sees her most erotic fantasies come to life. There is something about a man in uniform that just turns you on!! Find out for yourself as “Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass”! Is it a man or a woman or both? Allison has a loud, toe-curling orgasm! This film is about how 2 cock starved bottoms satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex and what they do when they play the Bareback Way. And even if you did burn dinner, it was well worth the watch.