Depths of Desire 2

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Studio : Mustang.
Actors : Samuel Colt,Drew Cutler,Zach Alexander,Ethan Roberts,Drake Jaden,Phenix Saint,Brock Armstrong,Spencer Reed,Trent Diesel.
Don’t miss this last part of this hot babe’s series. Frank: Certified Anal Instructor: “Look honey, you just lay on your back, put your legs in the air, and…” One on one or two on one, it is fast and furious passionate sex. This is a must see!!!! We would like to introduce you to Crystal, an innocent little honey from Arkansas with a great down-home body and friendly Southern attitude. Do you love the smell of fresh teen in the morning? Some women claim they haven’t had a real orgasm until they used this machine!!! Lesbian ladies deliver the goods with their hot steamy action scenes and big titties flopping around, that if you don’t see it you will be sorry you missed it! A total amateur in the world of S & M, Sandrine finds herself blindfolded, handcuffed and on her knees in one of the dark, dank dungeons of the world famous Hellfire S & M club. And there’s always a good reason they need to make some $$: they just got outta prison, the girlfriend just had a baby, it’s the weekend…oh, and of course: THEY’RE HORNY! They both belong on a dairy farm for all the cream they make together! Two hairy people getting together for an afternoon delight. I was more than happy to oblige. Bianca is a lovely blonde with a lovely mouth and lovely way about her. New director (and foot freak) Scott Corvair went in search of eight hungry suck sluts with baby-soft soles. What if we take an innocent girl (Genesis Skye) and train her with the help of my devious nympho hotty Alana Evans, to be a really good and nasty whore that wont say no to anything? With a star studded cast of beauties that would give a blind man a hard on! “I love it when you watch me undress.” Is there anything sexier than a Brunette in sexy lingerie?