HeatWave 3 – Four Way Fuckers

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Well it’s a beautiful day outside and I think I’ll call my girlfriends over for a special kind of party because the guys are all away. This movie is filled with ladies whose hairy bushes need no trimming. If you love looking up skirts, just wait the boss decides to have April go outside to do some modeling for him, in a short knit dress without panties. Hot studs are looking at a studio for rent. But too much of a good thing is the downfall of this liberated couple. Mocha stars in the flick’s hottest scene, relaxing in a bubble bath as she engages in some solo sudsing herself. From up-the-skirt photos to bare-toe lickings and assorted manhandling of her small girlish breasts, she is ever the trooper. The blonde involved in this flick super hot, she gives a great performance. These conniving co-eds have fantasized about getting fucked like this for years, and now the wait is finally over! While the girl is getting spanked, she accidentally pees on the girl that was spanking her. This little bi beauty has a tight little ass that’s ready for the plowing.